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Terms & Conditions

Grand O7

Terms & Conditions

Appointed event manager should be on behalf of ClubO7 as details mention below:
No outsider event manager, decors or caters would be allowed.

  • In case the cancellation is more than 180 days prior to the commencement of the function, the hotel will charge 50% of the total estimated billing amount.
  • In case the cancellation is more than 179 days prior to commencement of the function, the hotel will charge 100% of the expected billing amount.
  • For payments made in foreign currency, the exchange rate prevalent on the day of the payment shall be considered for calculating the amount payable.

Minimum Room Requirement for Booking Function Space: The special prices for the Rooms are based on the materialization of committed nights agreed in this proposal. Should there be any change in Room nights, the Club reserves the right to change the Venues booked or amend the pricing accordingly.


  • Club needs to inform us of guest attending functions that have an allergic intolerance.All government policies, regulations and taxes prevalent during the time of your conference or event will apply.
  • The Club will not be held responsible for any subsequent changes in government policies, tax structures, rules and/or regulations which will/may have a bearing on the terms and conditions of the agreement.
  • Food and beverage items provided by the club during a banquet function will be served / consumed at the hotel premises only. Any leftover food or beverage will not be removed from the premises for consumption outside the hotel premises even if the number of persons actually attending the banquet function were lower than the minimum guaranteed number.
  • The club o7 will have the right to cancel the contract in case the ‘Advance Payment is not received by the Hotel.
  • If the materialization for the function falls below the minimum guaranteed number (contracted), the billing will be done on the minimum guaranteed number in the contract.
  • The Club liability for catering is up to the “Expected Number” of guests, the figure for which should not exceed the “Guaranteed Number” by more than 10%. The hotel will endeavour to cater in case the actual number of guests moves up beyond expected number, but may not be able to provide consistency in quality. The difference between the Expected covers and the Minimum Guarantee should not exceed 10%.If the Actual Covers exceed 10%, the excess would be charged at a premium.
  • The Club reserves the right of admission and can ask any person/s who is/are not properly attired or who misbehaves, to leave the club premises.
  • No standees will be allowed in lobby and other areas as per hotel rules.
  • No decor in public area like lobby entrance, porch will be allowed. Decor will be limited to the venue blocked for the venue.
  • The client will be liable for any damage caused to hotel property or equipment by the client or the client’s guests attending the event or the event management company employed by the client.
  • The client will be responsible for the protection of all hotel property in the case of outside props or equipment brought into the hotel by them or their affiliates. Any damage to the hotel property, due to disregard of hotel policy in this matter, will be charged to the client.
  • Security deposit of Rs 50,000/- is mandatory which will be refunded once the event is over.


  • All audio visual Equipments are arranged on additional cost
  • On advising the final requirement to the Hotel, we will be pleased to make the necessary arrangements on the applicable charges
  • Taxes will be levied extra Charge.
  • Playing of music live or recorded musical performance or recital is not permitted beyond 2200 hrs at an outdoor venue and 0000 hrs at an indoor venue. All music / musical performances will be shut down as per the stipulated timings
  • Hotel will provide up to 5 KV of power. If Requirement exceeds for Power above the allocated limit Guest will have to arrange their own excess Supply. Hotel will not provide any excess power supply.


A signed copy of this Contract, General Terms and Conditions will be required by club o7 in order to hold the booking on a confirmed basis. In case not received on the agreed date,‘Club o7 has a right to release the booking without any prior notification

  • It is understood and agreed that your Esteemed Organization will be responsible for the accommodation charges, organized meeting charges and any other food & beverage charges as detailed in this contract. Additional approved costs by the authorized signatory will also be billed to the master account
  • It is understood and agreed that in case of any reduction from the minimum committed room nights/ rooms; the difference will be paid by the client/ as retention charges and the same will be billed to his room master account.
  • Any extra payments towards miscellaneous service utilized at the hotel towards agreed charges will be paid by the client
  • All individual extras / Guest room incidentals will be settled on check out until & unless approved by authorized person
  • Full bills will be settled at the time of check-out by a credit card or cash NO CHEQUE payment at the time of departure